The Heart Behind the Production

by Nick Orso

As the Director of Worship Production at my church, I have the ability to control lights, sound, video, tone — the whole environment is at my fingertips. It’s a privilege and a huge responsibility. And the goal? To serve the moment, the people, the worship leader, the pastor’s vision; helping the worship team bring people into the presence of the Lord.

Most of the time I love this position, but once in a while … not so much. At times it can be really difficult—difficult because so many people offer opinions on how things should be done. I can be scrutinized and criticized pretty often. But ultimately, no matter how many opinions or complaints I may be confronted with, I am the one responsible to make the call. I make the best decisions I can. And because some of those decisions may result in some controversy, it’s important that I check my heart and motives.

What Motivates My Decisions?

No matter what, all of my decision-making needs to filter through an attitude of humility and submission. I have to rely on my own character and heart. If I find I have made decisions because I wanted to push my own agenda, or I just wanted to “stick it to” one of my critics, then I know I’m in the wrong. I have to be honest enough, and self-aware enough to recognize when I’m not coming from an attitude of serving. I need to live my life in such a way that, when someone isn’t happy with something that happened in our church environment, they still know that my heart is to serve.

How Do I Lead My Team?

I need to direct my A/V team and tell them what to do, often under pressure. This is much easier to do if I’m willing to come alongside them and put in some of the work and effort myself. If I’m willing to humble myself and get in the trenches with them, it builds trust with my team. They feel supported, and they’re willing to change things on the fly when needed. Difficult conversations are easier to have with them because we have developed an environment of trust and humility.

Let’s Talk About It

Obviously, these are just a few of the issues that Worship Production Directors face. Weekly, we deal with tons of challenges. At the 2018 Dwell Conference, I’ll be leading a workshop where we can discuss some of the issues, both technical and interpersonal, that are unique to our role in the church. We’ll also have a little Q&A time.

I look forward to getting together with you in February!